A history, a style
Art direction, Front-end Development, Photography, Video Production, Web Design

Studio/  During the process of implementing the brand’s visual identity, Bertani also asked us to work on their digital presence to render it more coherent and attractive in its various touchpoints.  Idee/ Bertani has always been synonymous with classic so, in the new digital age, needs to become more contemporary without compromising on its established style which is so closely linked with time and history. Materia/ In the website we use horizontal navigation as a way to create a sort of infinite timeline where the future of the brand is always anchored to the values of the past, and to which there is a constant return. The same storytelling is carried over to the company’s Instagram profile, which we have been responsible for since 2020 creating all content with photos, interviews and dedicated content.

Photography: Colin Dutton
Awards: Awwwards / Site of the Day, Developer Award, Mobile Excellence

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